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IT company developing software solutions for trading, analysis and automation. Developed by highly qualified traders with long year experience and verified by various proprietary trading companies. We know the trader needs and provide the best for you.

Trading platform infrastructure

Account management

Creating/deleting accounts. Accounting for transactions (deposits/withdrawals).

Risk management control

Full control of the trader with the help of various restrictions in trading.

Trading analytics and statistics

Detailed statement and analytics of a trader's trade for any period of time. Uploading to file.

Own server infrastructure

Whitelabel. Various settings. Improvement of the functionality of the platform and the server according to the needs of the company.


The instant speed of sending orders is our competitive advantage and your market advantage.


​- availability in any part of the world
- all order types

- Watchlist
- Hotkeys
- Level I
- Times&Sales

- Basket 

- Locate/Rebate
- Level II (in developing..)
- Charts (in developing..) 

- chart on the basis of Tradingview

- link to Thinkorswim
- Exchange. Various ECN for order forwarding (in addition the possibility of forwarding the hidden orders, and the orders to the first and last print).
- Risk-manager. The individual set up of risk management for each user

- Daily statements


- restriction on the maximum number of shares per order, position, account in general
- automatic daily stop loss. Has two settings:
     1. the ban to enter a new position without automatically closing open positions
     2. automatic closing all open positions upon reaching stop loss without the ability to take new positions
- setting commission
- setting the maximum BP per account. Has two settings:
     1. install manually
     2. depending on the shoulder
- ability to prohibit overnight trading

- ability to include fractional lots 
- view the full statistics of all traders (the ability to upload statistics in xml format and upload it to the site)
- the ability to view statistics in real time
- control transactions on accounts
- server locate / rebate


Platform serves incredibly high due to its friendly usability. The main advantages of are the performance stability and high speed - the quotes in the terminal are much faster then the TOS provides 1-1.5 seconds 


The platform-tools are easy to set up, has a user-friendly risk management mechanism. Even the start-up trader could easily set up all the toolbar and sort out how it works. 


Works well for everyone who wants to make significant savings in the platform. Our terminal will cost you three times lower than its analogs. Suitable for newbies and the experienced traders. 

Automation of trading strategies and algorithms

A full cycle of analysis, creation, launch and control of algorithms and automated strategies

Market data analysis

We will help you analyze the flow of market data of any complexity. We will provide our bases for analysis

Trading Strategy testing

Back test your trading strategy on historical market data. Check real-time strategies on real market data



Years of Experience


Prop-trading pools


Tested by traders



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